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Feb 8, 2013 4:00pm PST
surveillance photos of christopher dorner. he of course is the 33-year-old former lapd officer who is alleged to have killed three people so far, including the daughter of a retired los angeles police department captain, and also killing a current lapd officer. dorner remains on the run tonight. he's considered armed and dangerous. courtly is a author of "s.e.a.l. survival guide, navy s.e.a.l. secrets to surviving any disaster." glad to have you back. last night we were talking, there was a belief that dorner was up in the resort area of big bear where his pickup truck had been found burning. they thought the fbi might be able to close in on him and find him. now they're saying the trail went cold. how far could he have gotten? >> this guy's 275 pounds, i used to train up there, it's extremely rugged, it's snowing. not very far on foot. this guy is either bunkered in in one of the homes up there or he's nowhere near that area, in my opinion. >> that's my question, do you think that it was a ruse, that he may not even be there? >> i personally do. there's no reason why he had gone thro
Feb 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
orange county, california. there's also new video on the firing range as an lapd cadet. we have new information on the manhunt, and we'll look into what dorner's grievance was with the lapd. we know he was fired from the force. the question is why? why was he removed from the police force? he said it was due to corruption because he broke the blue wall of silence. also here in the east, the punishing winter storm we have been covering a lot in the last hour. just now reaching its peak, and many hours ahead. not as bad in the new york region as it might have been. hurricane force winds in some places. power lines down. more than 130,000 customers without power tonight across new england. thousands of flights, as you know, canceled. even snow plows getting stuck. ia see that snow plow in boston. metro north cancelling service. the major highway from boston into long island shut down. jason carroll is in boston for us as he has been for several hours. ali velshi is on the cape, cape cod, in the town of dennis port. ali, it's looking like the snow, you're in a lull now. is that true? >>
Feb 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
lapd officer who has threatened, quote/unquote, unconventional and asymmetrical warfare on his former colleagues. he's also a former navy reserve lieutenant, and is accused of firing on four officers today, one is dead. dorner is also wanted in connection with a double homicide in irvine, where the daughter of a retired police department captain, monica quan, and her fiance, keith lawrence, were killed in the parking lot of their apartment. dorner is suspected of being on the run since sunday, and police warn he is armed and dangerous. and according to a chilling manifesto he posted online, dorner's shooting spree targeted officers and hair families and it isn't over yet. antonio villaraigosa is urging everyone to be alert as it isn't over yet. kyung lah is on the scene of the first shoot this morning. what can you tell us about this breaking news we have that they've been able to identify this burnt vehicle as dorner's vehicle? >> reporter: well, just about 90 minutes ago, we did get a report that a car was on fire, that police had found this burned out shell of a vehicle, and there
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)